My name is Ed Hill, and I have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for 50 years.

I fell in love with this noble breed when I was about ten years old. My parents took me to The Golden Gate Kennel Dog Club show in San Francisco California. During this dog show the San Francisco Police Department K-9 unit put on a show that demonstrated what a police dog does in service to the city and to his human partner. On that day I thought the German Shepherd was the best dog in the world.

I haven’t changed my opinion. I didn’t know back then that years later I’d be training protection dogs with members of the San Jose Police K-9 unit. I was even fortunate enough to breed one of my bitches with Alf, a black San Jose City police dog.

For many years show German Shepherd breeders and working/protection German Shepherd breeders have been at odds with each other over the style of dog that each produces.

After a 28 year career in law-enforcement I wanted to breed German Shepherds that could work as police dogs, service dogs, herding dogs and could also compete in the AKC conformation show ring.

I have a small kennel located in Brentwood California, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. It is my goal at Von Erik Shepherds to breed dogs that embody the show dog conformation combined with a strong working temperament.